the money issue

when i was little my mom struggled to pay the bills.
but she always had food on the table.
she made so much great things of simple things,
my first memorie of seing her struggling was when she cried ,
cause landlord wanted to evict us.
she cried , and when i asked her what was wrong she said nothing,
i knew she was  lying,
i heard her talk over the phone crying and asking for the postpone rent,
thank god it worked,
but not much later my dad and my got into a huge fight..
where me and my mom had to flee .

3 years later we get a new home after living at my grandparents home,/
and finally me and my mom get a home of our own,
and since then we had a normal live,
until …not much later we again are struggling to survive.
my mom always lied about that,
she always said to me..that we where okay,
but i knew beter.
we never had alot of money,
i grew up pretty much poor,

when i was a teenager alot of my friends had computers ,
not me we couldnt afford it,
i had to save money..and it took me 5 years cause in 2006 i got my first laptop.
and im proud of it…cause i worked my ass of ..for it.
and i appriciate it more .
but at the end of the day im still not rich,
i cannot afford the luxury things,
me and my mom still struggle to survive each single day,

and this year i though we would be debt free at the end of 2014.
but this year started bad,
the tax authorities made a mistake.
but the one who is paying for it is my mom,
and its a big fucking mistake,
and im paying of my i guess we are both fucked,

i know there are much more worse story’s then mine,
but at the end of the day we are all in the same boat,
i dont understand how goverments of the world can stand here and look at their people struggling to survive,
i dont understand how they can be so cruel,
i dont understand why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
the goverments keep saying on tv that the economy is getting beter,
but thats a damn lie,
if they would step out of their own luxury life, 
and if they would step into the real world,
life would slap the shit outta them,
cause no …life is not going good for alot of people,
and alot of people are struggling to survive each and every single day,
but i dont think they will ever do that,
god forbid that they have to acctuly do some real work.
and real research,
instead of the numbers game ,
we the people are not numbers….WE ARE FUCKING PEOPLE .

but at the end of the day im thankfull for everything in my life,
i know i dont have a thing,..but i do have somethings.
love..and a heart,
and i know that does not buy shit..
but i rather be me and have love , respect , and heart,
then be a stuck up heartless cold rich bitch,
  im done with the money issue  fuck it..

im thankfull for the things i do have..
mom and sisters and niece and dog storm




money the money issue july 1st 2014


Group B :

Netherlands 5 vs 1 Spain

  • Xabi alonso (PN) 27’
  • Robin van persie 44’
  • Arjen robben 53’
  • Stevan de vrij 64’
  • Robin van persie 72’
  • Arjen robben 80’

Get well soon!!!

My mom’s uncle ( my great-uncle)
Is 86 and he got rushed to the hospital yesterday.
Nobody of my fucked up family told my mom or me or his girl friend.
They know we are 3 of his favorite family.
And still nobody had the balls to actually call us up.
Nope…so for that part of the family I don’t give a fuck how late its been for ya…I got whats app .
and u could have texted me.
you coulda said something that would have only taken a minute..
so fuck you for not doing anything.
But fuck it..

Uncle nico get well soon.
Don’t give up.
Wr know you love life
And you always lived live to the fullest.
Love youuu ♡♡


get well soon uncle uncle nico nico love you family family drama june 2014 june 4th june 4th 2014